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To market, to market: Can social media cultivate followers for a pastured egg and chicken farm?

December 22, 2009

This blog, if you missed the tagline, works as a living lab to test the ever-evolving promise of social media marketing on a small pastured chicken and egg farm in Solano County, California. It will examine and report through respectfully frequent posts on the trials and tribulations of building online community & marketing communications from, um, scratch. (With promises to restrain the chicken puns.)

The inaugural post for The Social Coop currently is being drafted while we learn the ins and outs of WordPress. I’m a graduate of Godaddy and blogger, which are the quick and easy “everyman” routes to blogging. Godaddy hands-down tops the charts in personalized customer service, combining both online and phone support experiences; I was eternally grateful for their friendly, unhurried hand-holding while I learned online publishing. And blogger belts out the first few bars of your blog in minutes. But WordPress is the defacto standard of web content management among social media marketers. After watching one of our advisers pull his hair out while learning and implementing WordPress a year ago, it was with great trepidation that we took on the challenge, but he promised it had become less cumbersome and complex. Reassuring, since we didn’t have much choice.

Ah! An inaugural post just posting about posting. And so it begins, the self-perpetuating meta-analytical mining of social media opportunity. Next: The Social Coop experiment and tagging.

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