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Meet The Coop’s advisory board

February 7, 2010

Social media marketing combines communications strategies with new tools and techniques that make online communities fertile places to engage people with products and services for a better way of doing business together. It’s not where you go to sell, it’s where you join a group with common interests and goals. In other words, they aren’t your father’s customers; you’re their advocate and they are yours. To make this experiment (and any social media strategy) work, I’ve invited into The Coop a few people who really know this stuff.

Whom I’ve recruited so far:

Right brain partner and marketing maven, Deb Walsh

For marketing wisdom: Deb Walsh, my business partner at Left/Right Strategies, specializes in social media marketing promotions. We worked  together at Creamer Dickson Basford in Providence, RI, in the mid-80s, which put me on hand to help at her wedding. You can see by this photo why she’s the right brain and I’m the left, though it’s clear at the time we didn’t quite have that act together.

Communicators in crime

To balance social with media, truly: Brian Fuller is a veteran journalist from the business and trade press. He is a pioneer in online publishing and social media, having introduced some of the earliest concepts as editor-in-chief at EETimes. He started his career with United Press International when I was a lowly corporate communications director in health care. He is now director of communications and community at Numetrics and maintains one of the electronics’ industry’s most influential blogs.  We were on opposite sides of the media tracks for half our lives until we arrived at this switching station called social media. We’ve been married 25 years this July.

Home Grown Social Media Implementation: Suz Sachs Lipman is the best example of successful, home-grown social media expertise I’ve seen. She is founder of and contributer to SlowFamilyOnline blog where she writes about farming, nature, sustainable food, seasons, crafts, fun activities, and vintage design. Suz has more than 25 years’ experience as a writer, editor, social media enthusiast, community builder, and scout troop leader. Her syndicated parenting column, “Bay Area Moms”, ran for five years. She is currently the Social Media Director for the Children and Nature Network, an international movement dedicated to connecting children with nature. She enjoys hiking, gardening, antiquing, food canning, and making natural, whimsical soaps with her teenage daughter for their mother/daughter company.

Other obvious advisors include:

Bonnie Powell, journalist, blogger, sustainable farming advocate, and director of Soul Food Farm’s community supported agriculture program. Bonnie’s writes Soul Food Farm’s. Bonnie founded the Ethicurean blog and has given talks on social media strategies for farmers. She is our third eye; the essential perspective of the sustainable farm audience.

Alexis Koefoed, farmer and owner of Soul Food Farm is, of course, our primary source. She steers us through the life, times, and business trials of farming. She’s the one who wears the muddy boots.

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